Drumlin Reader

Drumlin Reader 5.106

The Drumlin "Click and Go" provides a single combined "Document Plus Reader"
5.106.1 (See all)
Drumlin Security

The Drumlin "Click and Go" facility provides a single combined "Document Plus Reader" (a single executable file, or EXE) avoiding the complexity of software installation and registration.
Standard "Click and Go" EXE files are just like other Drumlin "fully secured PDFs" - they require a valid authorization code before they can be read on a specific PC and cannot be read on another PC once the authorization code has been used UNLESS the code allows for multiple use. Files may be protected against: text copying, printing (optional print count may be set) start and end dates, screen grabber protection, password proetction, watermarking etc. Each EXE file created has a unique ID, and authorization codes are issued in blocks (typically of 100) to publishers. An initial set of 5 codes are provided without charge, each of which can be used 5 times.

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